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Environmental protection ministry issues standard of national environmental prot
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Recently. Environmental protection ministry and national quality are supervised examine quarantine total bureau issued 4 countries pollutant discharge standard jointly, this is environmental protection ministry standard of national environmental protection is issued first since holding water. Concern chief introduction according to environmental protection ministry, of 4 standards publish what will raise contaminative source further to discharge control level, perfect country contaminant arranges monitoring system.

These 4 standards are respectively " coal-bed is angry (colliery gas) discharge a standard (provisional) " , " life rubbish is filled bury a pollution to control a standard " , " heterocyclic content discharges kind of pesticide industry water pollution standard " , " engine of heavy-duty motor gasoline and car exhaust contaminant are discharged be restricted to be worth.

According to introducing, release this " coal-bed is angry (colliery gas) discharge a standard (provisional) " the high concentration gas that requirement “ prohibits discharging ” firedamp scale to exceed 30 % . This is the national level that the first control greenhouse gas that carries out compulsively discharges, showed China to change to answer global climate to international society efforts and the figure that bear the blame, it is reported. If inland has the high concentration gas of mine,80 % are used. Dosage will be year of gas profit 8. 200 million M3, be equivalent to coal of standard of 4.63 million T, still will push directly aid energy-saving decrease a platoon. After the standard is carried out. Predicting gas year the quantity that decrease a platoon is 2.5 billion M3C0: Equivalent is 37 million T, among them " heterocyclic content discharges kind of pesticide industry water pollution standard " it is water pollution of industry of the pesticide of environmental protection ministry that start the country of industry of the first pesticide that after content discharges metric system to work surely, comes on stage discharges a standard.

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