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Department of Commerce has not receive application of TDI reexamine delay
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From reexamine of Department of Commerce place understanding arrives, current, the place has not receive TDI relevant business the application that terminal review a case adjourns.

The basis turns over dumping byelaw, this TDl terminal review a case applies for to need refer before September 21. And must put forward by domestic industry spokesman, namely the 50 % above that crop holds countrywide output or the company total output that express support occupy 50 % above. And from at present domestic TDl is produced will look, gansu Province silver is produced at present solely can control in 50 thousand tons, la Xing 30 thousand tons, dark blue changes 30 thousand tons. Yantai tremendous strength 20 thousand tons.

Occupy the introduction additionally, if the enterprise inside the industry was not inside formulary time,offer application. And Department of Commerce thinks to turn over a dumping terminal review a case has the necessity that comparative. The move that reexamine files can be started inside the industry.

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