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Department of Commerce turns over dumping investigation to importing BD0
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Month 25 eye, department of Commerce issues announcement, the decision is opposite since this day the entrance L that originates in Saudi Arabia and Chinese Taiwan area formerly, 4 one man 2 alcohol (BDO) undertakes put on record is investigated turning over a dumping.

Basis " People's Republic of China turns over dumping byelaw " regulation, department of Commerce will have pair of imports that originate in Saudi Arabia and Chinese Taiwan area formerly from this day 1, 4 one Ding Erchun's dumping, dumping profit margin reachs his to be opposite chinese mainland L, of industry of 4- Ding Erchun damage, damage degree to undertake investigating.

As we have learned, dumping investigation is turned over to should end inside a year originally below the circumstance normally, namely at ending before September 25, 2009, can lengthen below special situation to on March 25, 2010.

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