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Our country raises exit to withdraw tax rate again plastic include inside
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Via approval of the State Council, total bureau of Wu of tax of the Ministry of finance, state announces 21 days external, will rise from November 1, 2008, increase a share appropriately labor is concentrated model the exit with commodity of hi-tech content, high additional cost withdraws tax rate. Give out according to two ministries and commissions " the announcement that leads about raising partial commodity to export drawback " , this exit drawback rate is adjusted involve content extensive, involve 3486 goods in all, in occupying custom tax regulations about 25.8% of all goods number. Basically include the content of two respects: It is to raise the labor such as textile, dress, toy appropriately concentrated model commodity exports drawback to lead. 2 it is to raise the exit that fights commodity of the hi-tech content such as AIDS medicaments, high additional cost to withdraw tax rate.

After be being adjusted this, the exit drawback rate of our country is cent 5% , 9% , 11% , 13% , 14% with 17% 6 archives.

Adjusting content to go up specific include: partial textile, dress, toy exit drawback rate rises 14% ; daily expense and export of artistic pottery and porcelain drawback rate rises 11% ; the part plastic (7960, - 230, - 2.81% , ) rate of goods exit drawback rises 9% ; partial furniture exit retreats tax rate to rise respectively 11% , 13% ; Recombine AIDS medicaments, gene glass of safety of pink of person insulin freeze-dry, yellow collagen, steel, capacitor to use tantalum silk, marine the exit of the commodity such as knife of hard alloy of machine tool of anchor chain, sewing machine, fan, numerical control retreats tax rate to rise respectively 9% , 11% , 13% .

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