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Ester assembles in polyurethane acrylic acid adhesive of solidify of content pre
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Summary: ? of any of several hot spice plants of Mu of 灥 of 嶒 of collect  粚 uses self-restrained polyurethane modified acrylic acid ester 齊 gets together content (PUA) and modified 劑 , development gave ultraviolet light (膠 of UV) fast solidify sticks 劑 , and 進 of element of 響 of 對 its shadow went 簡 wants an analysis. 結 fruit makes clear, stick 劑 to have 較 to be stuck well by the UV solidify 膠 of PUA modified receive performance. In the shadow 響 element that inspects, the 為 of foreword of 順 of size of shadow 響 rate that 對 膠 sticks 劑 強 to spend: Calamity hires male 詣 ?gt;1, 6 oneself 2 alcohol 2 acrylic ester (3 羥 of HDDA)/ are methylic propane 3 acrylic ester (TPGDA)> polyester is acrylic ester (EB 524)/PUA 齊 gets together content is much functionality 單 body > light of =KH570> of body of 單 functionality 單 brings 發 劑 .

關 鍵 詞 : Z sticks acrylic acid of 劑 ; polyurethane ester; 齊 gets together smooth solidify of; of 劑 of rare 釋 of content; active

Ultraviolet light (UV) and 電 child bundle 輻 shoots solidify ability 術 is the 術 of ability of a kind of solidify that 70 years of 20 worlds 紀 go with 來 開 發, the coating that uses 該 ability 術 to give birth to 產, printing ink and 膠 stick the 產 such as 劑 to taste, have 節 to save the sources of energy, apply to 熱 quick base material, adoption 設 備 small, do not discharge organic compound of 揮 發 sex (the 產 after fast, solidify tastes speed of VOC) , solidify performance is good, agree with high speed changes unripe 產 to wait for actor 點 from 動 [1 ~ 3] , be protected by the 環 with 譽 brand-new 為 material. Because UV solidify 膠 sticks 劑 獨 ,special ability 術 and 應 use actor 勢 [4 ~ 6] , world of one 經 問 got fast 發 to exhibit with respect to 獲 , the 應 that is floated by 廣 uses 電 child 產 is tasted, machinery is made, domestic all is made, 電 child seal 裝 to wait for 業 of each 個 travel and 領 region. UV solidify 膠 sticks 劑 main 組 to become 齊 gets together body of 單 of 劑 of content, rare 釋 He Guangmin 劑 , necessary 時 還 can join 穩 to decide 劑 , shed smooth 劑 , lubricious makings to wait. Below the UV illuminate of 長 of comfortable 當 wave, the smooth 劑 that bring 發 generates freedom radical or ion quickly, the 預 that bring 發 gets together content and group of active 單 system hand in 聯 to become form of net 狀 結, 從 and finish with material be stickinged stick receive. Get together in the 齊 of fat of commonly used smooth solidify 樹 in content, ester has polyurethane acrylic acid photosensitive active is tall, the soft 韌 sex that the 膠 層 after solidify has polyurethane already, wearability, add the 強 that write power, fight ageing gender and tall the actor 點 that tears off 強 to spend, again polypropylene acerbity ester is able to bear or endure goodly await gender and superior smooth 學 performance, attainable hold a tall 強 concurrently to spend the solidify 產 content with tall 韌 sex [7] . 為 滿 is sufficient 環 of 對 of 業 of travel of my 國 furniture is protected model the demand that tall 強 spends 膠 to stick 劑 , this research uses self-restrained polyurethane acrylic acid ester 齊 gets together content, develop 膠 of successful UV solidify to stick 劑 , connect analysis of 論 of manage of travel of 進 of 過 實 驗 , 膠 of 選 擇 smooth solidify sticks 劑 to make a few 個 in 備 the 為 such as element of main shadow 響 inspects 對 elephant, stick 劑 with 膠 stick receive 強 to spend 為 to inspect eye 標 , 驗 of 試 of 進 travel orthogonality.
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