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The preparation of adhesive of polyurethane of tall transparent ability in swimm
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Summary] used alcohol of polyester n duality and reaction of ester of 2 different cyanic acid to synthesize adhesive of polyurethane of tall transparent ability in swimming, the concerned factor that discussed transparency of polyurethane of influence ability in swimming, mechanical function and stability to wait. Consider to discover, use alcohol of n duality of polyester of scent a group of things with common features and response of TDI / HDI, control R value is 1. 4 the left and right sides, the affiliation of agent DMPA measures enlarge catenary to be about 3. When 5 % , water F gives birth to the tall transparency with can achieve integral performance better polyurethane adhesive.

[keyword] polyurethane of ability in swimming; Adhesive; Transparency; Stability

In expensive transparent stuff compound in, the felt between base material is preparation the key of this kind of composite material, ask binder has admirable optical transparency not only, at the same time the requirement is fought come off intensity is high, have be able to bear or endure yellow change reach be able to bear or endure ultraviolet function, technical demand is accordingly higher, the domestic research in this respect is opposite less LlJ. Polyurethane adhesive is a kind of utility the adhesive with extensive, good performance. What be based on industrial policy in recent years is oriented the requirement that reachs pair of environmental protection, polyurethane of ability in swimming is not lighted because of having, the avirulent, free from contamination and good agglutinate sex, sex that become film, mechanical performance is good wait for an advantage to take seriously for people place more and more, the research of polyurethane of ability in swimming and development already made the important research way of current polyurethane domain, its application is wider and wider also. But while its have tall transparent and optical sex, the requirement has stick the difficult point that receiving strength is adhesive of polyurethane of ability in swimming high, the mixture sex of low, stability difference and cross-linking agent differs solid content waiting for a problem also is the problem J that perplexes application of polyurethane of ability in swimming. The article was synthesized appropriate multivariate mellow, the concerned element that waits to affecting transparency of optics of polyurethane of ability in swimming, stability, mechanical performance undertook study, with period through improving craft and recipe, obtain adhesive of polyurethane of high-powered ability in swimming.

1 experiment part

1. 1 main raw material

Get together oneself 2 acid Ding Erchun ester (PBA, mn: 2000) , dongguan limited company of grand heart chemical industry; Get together n duality of 4 hydrogen furan is mellow (PTMG, mn: 2000) , get together the ester inside oneself (PCL, mn: 2000) , guangzhou and limited company of data of chemical industry of family name a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center; Acerbity to toluene sulphur: The analysis is simple, shanghai yuan limited company of auspicious chemical industry; 2 butyl laurel is acerbity in Feburary stannum (DBTDL) : Chemistry is simple, tianjin limited company of 100 worlds chemical industry; 6 methylene ester of 2 different cyanic acid (HDI) , toluene one 2, ester of cyanic acid of different of 4 just a little (2, bayhydur(VPLs2319) of agent of solidify of ester of cyanic acid of 4 one TDI) , much surprise: Industrial level, do obeisance to ear company; 3 hydroxide are methylic propane (TMP) , chemistry is simple, shanghai reagent one factory; 2 hydroxide are methylic third is acerbity (DMPA) : Industrial level, chemical plant of Ming Feng of Zhejiang magnesian city; Second 2 amine (EDA) : The analysis is simple, tianjin city is wide into chemical reagents limited company; N ketone of summary alkyl of one methylic Bi (NMP) : The analysis is simple, pu in relief city strides limited company of strange careful chemical industry; 3 ethylamine (TEA) , acetone, factory of Guangzhou chemical reagents; N duality of polyester of scent a group of things with common features is mellow (PAD) : Self-restrained.
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