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The influence of character of viscosity of phenolic aldehyde colophony to lamina
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Summary ﹕ connected 過 實 驗 to study fat of phenolic aldehyde 樹 sticks 溫 character and the shadow 響 that mix the viscosity 變 that has fat of solidify 劑 樹 to change laminating of music 線 對 to arenaceous 強 is spent and fight 脫 殼 sex. Decide 義 according to the viscosity character of fat of phenolic aldehyde 樹 constant sticks 溫 to spend (溫 of 45 berth 時 is spent) with the smallest viscosity. Decided laminating 溫 is spent be equal to constant to stick 溫 to spend + of 40 ℃

Control former 則. Analysing 軟 to change the 關 that the 點, smallest viscosity and 強 spend is, show palpability synthesizes tall 軟 to change 點, tall 強 to spend the research way of fat of phenolic aldehyde 樹 . The principle that analysed 殼 of laminating arenaceous 脫 and the principle that change music 線 to sentence 斷 樹 fat to fight 脫 殼 sex according to viscosity 變 .

溫 of laminating of arenaceous ﹔ of laminating of ﹔ of viscosity of ﹔ of fat of 樹 of phenolic aldehyde of ﹕ of 關 鍵 詞 spends ﹔ function

條 is machined in 熱 law laminating below, the 發 of physical 狀 態 of fat of phenolic aldehyde 樹 gave birth to 從 piece 狀 glass 態 sticks the 轉 that sheds 態 to change to film, after solidify 劑 is being joined below 狀 態 here, fall 溫 again 轉 變 arrives filmy glass 態 [1 ] . 溫 of 隨 of 態 of 狀 of 樹 fat physics is spent and the 熱 of 為 of travel 為 稱 of 轉 變 goes 為 . 為 of travel of 樹 fat 熱 provides 備 uniqueness, namely ﹕ but 檢 驗 sex. The 強 with the arenaceous laminating of 對 of 熱 travel 為 of fat of phenolic aldehyde 樹 is spent, the function of the 殼 that fight 脫 , function such as frit 點 has fundamental picture 響 . The article studied the Cheng of 過 of laminating of 對 of character sticking 溫 of fat of phenolic aldehyde 樹 reachs the shadow 響 of laminating arenaceous function.

1 實 驗

驗 of 實 of 1 ﹒ 1 uses main raw material

Basically synthesize aqueous solution of formaldehyde of phenol of ﹕ of raw material 為 , 37 % , oxalic acid.

﹕ 圍 場 swabs laminating arenaceous raw material arenaceous 100 eye of 50 / , the 6 亞 that 濃 spends 33 % are methylic acerbity 鈣 of 4 amine aqueous solution, tristearin, KH550.

2 實 of 1 ﹒ 驗 method

Fat of 樹 of 2 ﹒ 1 synthesizes 1 ﹒

Synthetic 裝 buy includes to accuse 攪 of 溫 magnetic force to mix from 動 add 熱 implement, bath of 3 燒 bottle, water adds buy of 裝 of water of 脫 of circumfluence 裝 buy, vacuum. Flow of 藝 of the labour that turn over 應 is like 圖 1 . 實 驗 room makes 備 fat of 4 kinds of 樹 R1R2, R3, R4, 軟 changes 點 to divide 71 ﹒ of 別 為 5, 80 ﹒ 5, 90 ﹒ 5 with 97 ℃ , 測 試 its 們 sticks 溫 music 線 .

選 擇 fat of 3 kinds of 樹 , 軟 changes 點 to divide 71 ﹒ of 別 為 ﹕ 5, 80 ﹒ 5 with 90 ﹒ 5 ℃ . Its 們 of 試 of the 測 that divide 別 (add 10 % HMTA, 150 ℃ ) 變 of 間 of viscosity 隨 時 changes music 線 .
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