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Oar of environmental protection emulsion makes medium application consider in ru
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1 preface

Make the same score as the growth of national economy and flowing water of person the people's livelihood rise increasingly, people is right healthy the protective consciousness with the environment is stronger and stronger also. In us rubber overshoes manufacturing industry uses environmental protection data increasingly also, be in especially of adhesive choose on, use starch of present water quality emulsion by translate into of the benzine oar in the past, toluene oar stage by stage. The application in breeding rubber cement is made in rubber overshoes includes to add up to cloth oar, medium the whitewashing in base fabric oar, foxing oar and glue face shoe. Emulsion oar replaces the gas in traditional rubber cement for solvent with water. Commonly used breast rubber cement has latex of natural balata latex, chloric fourth latex, tall benzene latex, fourth benzene to wait. In recent years oil price, the rose to raise benzine rubber cement greatly again considerably cost of case, accordingly. The lacteal rubber cement that has system of water radical agglutinate with its what make progress of history of rubber overshoes manufacturing industry without social effects of pollution and energy-saving advantage is safe, inevitable.

The actor of 2 emulsion oar lacks bit of evaluation

2.1 dominant place can be taken in breeding rubber cement is made in our country rubber overshoes, be not stem from accidental, and the advantage that is attributed to it to have many sided

(1) and photograph of benzine rubber cement are compared, the working procedure that make is simple, do not need to use refine glue machine such heavy equipment, specific power consumption is low also.

(Because 2) absolves solvent (benzine, toluene) use, save benzine not only, and the occupational disease hidden trouble that after can absolving jockey person to contact solvent for a long time, brings.

(3) safe production also is one big advantage, use benzine rubber cement, the gas after solvent volatilizes can diffuse inevitably workshop, cause fire accident likely, and the problem of sex of this kind of calamity is nonexistent for the oar to emulsion.

(Of 4) emulsion oar anxious burn the tendency apparent under benzine rubber cement.

2.2 emulsion oar also has its adverse one side

(1) emulsion oar is department of prose style free from parallelism of water radical cent, volatilize because of what water divides speed greatly under solvent, the dry time after reason brushs an oar is longer, shape and hot air should be installed between vulcanization dry device, volatilize in order to quicken what water divides.

(Although 2) absolved agitate to make a starch, but the vulcanizing agent that the place in emulsion oar matchs to use, accelerant, activator not dissolve at water, want the dispersive system that the ball is ground and makes for long even, ability and emulsion mix, dispersive, and the ball is ground is a lengthy process, need 72 hours commonly.
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